New Year – New Skin

So another wonderful Christmas has passed and if like me you over indulged, I’m sure you are feeling the effects in every single way!

The first thing we all feel is the dreaded bloat and extra kgs that go on, but this year I really felt and saw it in my skin. I have dry skin and rarely get break outs but smack bang in the middle of Xmas two beauties appeared! One right in the middle of my cheek and one on my forehead. This is no big deal but it just highlights how a few days of alcohol, bad food and sweets can leave the skin congested, dull and lifeless!
I will admit I was also very slack with my routine, so it’s time to jump on the new year bandwagon and get back on track.
Here are a few of my skin tips to get my skin back to normal:

1 – Hydration !!!

Drinking water over Xmas always slips my mind! There’s far nicer things to be tippling on so this is the biggest problem for me. Severe dehydration leaves skin dull and lacking that glow. To help counter act this drink at least 1 litre of water a day. I also use my favourite mask- Aspect hydration mask. This is a miracle worker. Slap it on and leave over night for the ultimate treat.

2- Exfoliation

It’s time to go a bit stronger and bring out the glycolic acids. These bad boys leave skin glowing and refreshed and help remove that build up that occurs. I love ASAP daily exfoliation, but you only need to use these 2-3 times a week.

3- Vit C

This powerful anti oxidant will help feed your skin. I apply this after cleansing and then pop on my SPF. I cannot say enough about Vit C. Not only does it protect skin from damage but also helps your sun screen to work better. Everyone’s a winner! My only warning is that on an oily skin you may not need to use every day. Sometimes oily skins will find C too much. I would still advice people to use it but reduce to 3-4 times a week. I’m using ASAP at the moment because I love the texture of the product.

4- Retinol or Vit A

Again this is a huge anti ageing ingredient. This should only be applied at night time 2- 3 times a week to start with. This can dry out the skin to start but give it a go. Start with a low strength and increase the level over time. This makes a huge difference if used consistently. I’m loving Refine by Cosmedix at the moment and will start using this 4 nights a week because I have used it before.

5. SPF

Last but not least you gotta use your SPF. You know I am lazy so I use and SPF and moisturiser in one. Sometimes I will use a tinted version so I don’t have to put on make up. I’m still using ASAP SPF 30. I can’t fault this product in any way and have a little freak out if I’m close to running out.

That’s my new year round up. I’m going to do this for January and mix it up again.
It sounds like a lot of products but it’s very easy.

Am- cleanse, Vit C and SPF
Pm- cleanse, exfoliate (2 to 3 times per week), Vit A (3-4 times per week), and hydrating mask nights not using Vit A.

Let me know what you think and what your favourite products are for the New year.

Jessie X


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