Australias Velourlips

Australias Velourlips matte lip cream in Rio – D:

I was really excited to try this after seeing lots of good reviews. The selection comes in an array of bright colours. As it’s summer here I wanted to try a bright shade and opted for Rio. I’m not shy with bright colours but this was too much.

I think the colour could be great except the consistency is chalky ( if that makes sense!) It glides on very easily but comes up a little uneven. I tried layering and also applying with a lip brush but I can’t seem to get it to work! Cracks seem to appear very easily too. My lips have been dry and chapped lately but I exfoliated and hydrated prior to testing this.

Final verdict: It cost $9.99 so I would recommend people to give it a go. I will try to wear it but I would advise applying, letting it settle and then apply a clear gloss. Not sure if I will rush out to get another one

Avoid: If you have dry lips and are afraid of bright shades

Try: if you like bright colours and want a cheap option
On a plus note it has lasting power. I wore this around the house and its pretty good. Thumbs up for that.

Would love to hear what you think if you have tried it?

Jessie X


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