Longchamp tote- yes please!!!

The Longchamp Pliage Nylon Tote:

So I’m going to throw a post up about my new favourite bag.
I’ve debated for a while if I would invest in this and a lot of my friends aren’t fans. We decided we could get two amazing bags from river island for the same price as this basic canvas tote. On my last trip home I had a few hours to kill in Amsterdam so naturally I went for a browse. I stocked up on loads of make up and as I was going to my gate this bag caught my eye.
It really is a basic bag and I felt a bit mad for buying it but I was on holiday mode. In saying that it is the best bag I have ever purchased! Mine is the large tote with the long strap in a funky purple shade.
Everyday I get the bus to work and also walk a short distance so I carry a big bag with my life inside! Nearly every girl is the same. We use it as a dumping ground! The things I find in mine sometimes is frightening. I started getting shoulder ache from my other bags and it was getting pretty bad. This bag carries the same amount (if not more) and I don’t even feel it on my shoulder. Nearly everyone on my bus route has one and I totally get why now. While it may not be the best eye candy, it’s insanely functional for your daily needs. I now use mine for work, the beach, general running around and the gym (Ok ok, I don’t use it for the gym cause I don’t go but you could if you do!)
If you have ever debated getting one just go and buy it now!
Call in to David Jones or the Longchamp store in the QV building in the city. You can always buy online too from http://www.nordstorm.com for around $176
Or, do what I did and pick it up at the airport when you are taking your next trip. I promise you won’t regret it.

Jessie X


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