Turning 30!!!

So I turned the big 30 last week and I have to admit I was dreading it!
The two reasons for this were that
1) I wasn’t going to get to celebrate it with my twin sister (she lives back home in Ireland)
2) I was leaving my twenties!

I have to be honest, it was literally one of the best birthdays I have ever had.
I also realised that I should be excited about my thirties rather then fear it as I have so much to look forward to in the coming year. The first person I called was my Twinnie and we will celebrate a thirtieth and a half party when I am home in July so the party continues! Any excuse eh😜

I took some time to look back and see what I learned in my twenties and what I achieved. The first thing I truly cherish and have to take away from the last few years of living overseas is that I have the most amazing family. They are so supportive and always there for me any time of the day. They listen to my ramblings and worries at all hours and rarely tell me to shut up!!!
I also have some pretty fantastic friends both at home and here in Sydney. My friends have become a second family and I know I can rely and trust them and most importantly, they always have my back and provide a hug and drink when needed!

Looking back on my twenties I can see I was a bit ballsy. I took risks and didn’t give a damn what people thought. For example, a year after graduating from college, when I was 21, I set up a style coaching and personal shopping business with my sister that we ran for four years on both a part time and full time basis. I then changed careers and became a beauty therapist. To gain experience, for my first position in beauty, I drove two hours a day to my job in Parknasilla and also made two of the greatest friends a girl could have.
Shortly after this I also met a past flame who was home for Christmas from Australia. We caught up and still had a lot in common and after lots of emails, phone calls, I decided to pack my bags and move to Sydney to be with him. It could have been a disaster but I was willing to give it a try rather than live with the regret! 4 years later I am still in Sydney and we haven’t killed each other. In fact just the opposite. Last year we got engaged and are are getting hitched next Christmas.
My move here has also provided me with experience in beauty I could only have dreamed of. I was used to doing lots of massage and facials ( which I still love doing). While living here I have been trained in laser hair removal, pigmentation removal and I am fairly confident I could help and give an opinion on any skin issue. I’ve also worked with some amazing people and treated one or two celebrities.
My point of this ramble is very simple. If you are too afraid to do something, just do it. If you are thinking of a special person, call them. If you want to change jobs, go back and re train. The only thing that stops us from doing what we want is ourselves.
Everyone I have met in the past week has told me thirty is amazing. Apparently you become more confident, content and self assured. I’m happy to embrace it and I look back at my twenties with a huge smile and chuckle and look forward to my thirties with excitement and will keep on chasing dreams.

Jessie X


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