Dream lashes

We all dream of long, magical lashes. It seems everywhere is offering lash extensions and they are an industry of their own.
I have tried the lash thing and never feel fully comfortable with them on. I once remember having the most amazing lash extensions applied and two days later trying to pull them off because they were irritating my eyes!

Welcome Li lash serum. A client at work introduced me to this miracle product and having used it I can guarantee it works. My sister got married last year and she gave it a whirl before I flew home for the big day. I hadn’t seen her for over 6 months and the difference in her lashes was crazy. She thought the same when she saw me. You will never need to use lashes again with this bad boy.
First things first though, with all great products you need to allow time. I didn’t see a difference in my lashes for at least 5 weeks. If you have a special occasion like a wedding, use a few months prior.
Secondly, eye lashes grow and are replaced by new lashes so you will need to keep using this product for constant results.
What I do is use a tube for three months, take a small break and a few months later start again.
Combine this with any mascara for dramatic results!
One last warning! There are heaps of counterfeit Li Lash products on line. Please don’t buy the cheaper options because it more than likely is a fake. It retails for around $149 and comes from the U.S.
Remember, you are applying near the eye, so if it is a fake it could be very damaging !

What products have you tried???

Jessie X



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