Gotta love a highlighter

If there’s one thing I adore with make up it’s a good highlighter. There’s something about having a little on the cheeks to really finish off a look.
It also gives a nice dewy finish to make up and can help create a brighter and wider eye.
I like to put some on my cheek bones, arch of the brow, the inside of my eye and finally a dot on the Cupid’s bow on my lips.
Here are my present favs:

1) High Beam from Benefit – this will probably always be my go to. It’s the first I have ever used and I find it difficult to not have it in my make up case
2) Sooo Glow from Essence – this is a newbie I have been trying and it does the job and is soo cheap. It is worth a try and is a good consistency.
3) Gentle touch from Mac- I tend to go towards liquid high lighters and was recently told to try this from the girls at Mac in Paddington. A tiny amount brushed on the cheeks is enough and trust me when I say it is devine.
4) Watt’s up from Benefit – this is another beauty to have around and very easy to use and blend.

I also love the benefit minis! So handy if going away for a weekend or popping into your handbag for a night out!

Have you guys any favourites for me to try?

Jessie X



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