Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter tanning review

I was recently doing a little product de clutter and stumbled across a travel pack of Cocoa Brown tanning products I had completely forgotten about. I purchased this on my trip home last summer and have yet to use it, perfect timing as Autumn has hit with a bang in Sydney and I am starting to get VERY pasty. Yuck!

I have used Night and Day tan from this range in the past and I like it for 2 reasons:

– no horrid smell
– easy peasy to apply

I found this particular tan was not dark enough for me but I did trial it when I had a good colour already as I tan easily. This gave me a natural look and I liked it so much I wore it as bridesmaid at my sisters wedding last summer rather than get a spray tan.

I shouldn’t admit this as I am a beauty therapist but I am terrible when it comes top applying my own tan. I make the typical tanning mistakes on myself and always too it in a rush! For this reason I tend to avoid fake tans most of the time.

So my travel pack contains:

– 1 hour tan mousse 75ml
– Tough stuff 75ml
– Chocolate Whip oil free moisturiser 75ml


All I can say is this is a great pack and very straight forward to use.

Use Tought stuff to exfoliate- use on dry patches on wet or dry skin. Then apply Chocolate whip to moisturise and finally apply tan with mitt. This is much lighter in colour than night and day tan. Leave for 1-3 hours depending on desired colour, then shower off. The moisturiser can be used during the week to prolong the tan. It is oil free so won’t break down the tan and it has pethenol and vitamin E to nourish and protect.


I can’t fault this range and I can see what all the hype is about.
I think the exfoliator and moisturiser are fab and can be used even if not applying a tan. The tans are fantastic and the best part for me really is the small. Finally a tan that has no pong that let’s everyone no you are wearing one. It also doesn’t leave tan marks on the sheets.
I will get the darker version on my next trip home as it is a gentle tan on me. I prefer the natural look so this is a good thing in my eyes.
My advice is to stock up if you are in Ireland or England and get your tanning routine sorted.




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