Negative space nail art

My new favourite trend has to be negative space on nails. How cool does this look! To do this at home you may need a few tools but there are some very simple looks that you could attempt at home once you have some nail varnish and a steady hand! Below are some of my favourite looks


A few tools that I find handy for nail art are:


Polly pocket protectors

A dotting tool

A very thin brush


Orange wood tip sticks

Lots of nail varnish remover!



Practice makes perfect and the only rule with this look is to leave some of the nail with no varnish. When attempting this look I always use a lighter colour like gold, pink or white. This way if you make a mistake it’s easier to clean it up.


Is there any nail look you like? I’m thinking of doing a specific nail section with different trends. Comment below if it is something you would be interested in. Have a great weekend.

Jessie X


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