April Bella Box review

It’s the end of the month and time to review the products of this months Bella box titled “mindful beauty”.

To be honest I’m not a huge fan of natural products but this box really changed my mind and dare I say it, I think it was one of my favourites.

So let’s get into it

The 5 products were:

1. Nude by Nature pressed mineral cover
I Love mineral make up and had never used this brand before but have always heard amazing reviews. It promises to give a semi matte coverage for up to 8 hours.
I liked this and would consider re purchasing again

2. Premier Ageless future cell renewal cream
This cream claims to increase skin radiance and contains Dead Sea mineral extracts. It is very hydrating and a nice consistency but don’t think il be converting over to this product.

3. Phosphenes Travel candle
I LOVE any candle so this is a winner. Simple as.

4. Akin Pure radiance rose hip oil
I am a big skincare fanatic and would never contemplate putting rose hip oil on my face because it can’t be as good as cosmeceutical products and active ingredients!
WRONG! This oil is fabulous and I will without a doubt be buying this. It is very hydrating and nourishing and you all need it in your life.

5. Wotnot facial wipes
One thing I try not to do is use facial wipes because they do not benefit the skin in anyway. Again I am proven wrong with these bad boys! These felt nourishing and good on my skin and I didn’t feel one bit guilty using them. I still think you should always cleanse with a cleanser but these are a great wipe to have on hand and again I will be repurchasing.



So you can see from this box I was pleasantly surprised and have altered my opinions on some products.

The heroes for me from this month are Akin rose hip oil and Wotnot facial wipes.

What did everyone else think? Have any of you tried these or have you similar products you can recommend?

Jessie X


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