Happy Friday everyone!
I’m really excited today to be sharing my review on the COAT polishes that I have been road testing the past two weeks. 

I was kindly given these to try by the creator of COAT and just want to stress if I did not like the product I simply would not review it. 

I have been an OPI girl for a long time and recently fell in love with Essie. Well move over girls because COAT is going to be my go to brand from now on. 

I must have varnish on my nails and the brighter the better. I had heard about COAT polish a few months ago and was impressed that it does not have the 5 nasties that are in lots of varnishes. The company States: 

We make nail polish without five of the nastiest ingredients linked to toxicity. Free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde resin & camphor. 

I have tried polishes in the past that claimed they had less toxins and they never worked for me. I was a little skeptical trying COAT for the same reason. They were either too thick or too thin and I figured you needed the toxins to get the right consistency! WRONG

nicole and marshmallow
Coat polish has proven that we can now use varnish guilt free. With 64 shades available you just have to try it out. I used Nicole and Marshmallow. 

The positives:
-Easy peasy application 

-Consistency is amazing- smooth and glides on

-No nasties

-Amazing colours

-Nice size bottle

The negatives:

I don’t have any! I let out a little squeal when I applied it because it is what I would consider the perfect consistency! (My fiancΓ© was beside me and now thinks I’m crazy because I got so excited about nail polish!)

My verdict: 

I wore this varnish for 8 days. I also had no top coat over this product. I was doing beauty treatments for 4 of these days and had a long weekend in the middle- no chips for 7 days! When it did chip it was minor. Beyond impressed! 


Day 1


Day 8- slight chip on pinkie and 2nd finger
The varnishes retail for $14.95 
I think this is reasonable. Yes you can get cheaper varnishes but there a more out there over $20 and you are paying for quality. 

So there is nothing left to do except put on you Coat and grab yourself some fab polishes.
Check out the website :

Also available at :

Let me know if any of you try these out. I’m sure you will be as excited as I am.

Jessie x


more from the collection


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