How to get “the glow”

I was recently asked at work how to achieve that lovely glow and dewey look to the skin. It’s winter here so everyone is dehydrated and flaky. It is much easier to achieve the glow in summer but regardless of the season, here are a few of my tips.

Exfoliation is essential:

The key here is not to go crazy with the exfoliator! Twice a week is enough and if you have oilier skin push it to three times if needs be. Invest in a good exfoliator. Forget your standard Apricot scrub! The granules are too big and hurt the skin. Small beads are best and try one with a glycolic acid to gently exfoliate. If you have very sensitive, skip the Acids and look at a enzyme peel/ exfoliator that gobbles up the dead skin (like pacman) instead. My personal fav is ASAP daily exfoliating scrub.


Hydrate your body:

Drink your water! I hate reading this tip as it seems so obvious but it does work. I drink so much water in the warmer months and I always notice the difference in my skin. Keep a bottle beside you at work and sip thought the day. Remember, your skin is the largest organ in the body and it needs water!

Hydrate your skin:

Hydration is key for a fresh look. I’m loving Rosehip oil at the moment but I still feel I need a stronger hydrater . This is where your multi B serums are vital. Oily and dry skin can use these. Niacinimide (B3) and hyaluronic acid (B5) should now become your best friends. Again my fav is ASAP Super B Complex 


Apply morning and night after cleaning and finish with your spf/ moisturiser. These will bind any moisturiser into the skin and provide a long lasting hydration and also reduce redness and strengthen the skin. I believe in this ingredient so much that if I had to choose any one product from skincare it would be a Vitamin B serum. 

Facial masks are fantastic for adding a burst of hydration and energising dull skin. Prior to an occasion these are a must and I also love to apply after an night out too because we all know how crappy our skin feels after alcohol. Find ones with soothing, calming and hydrating ingredients and also some antioxidants. Look for vit b, vit c, Aloe Vera, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, Shea butter. 

Light foundations: 

To achieve this look foundation needs to be barley there. Light and fresh is the desired look so leave your high coverage foundation at home. Tinted moisturiser is great too.Try Garnier BB tint or Maybellines Dream wonder fluid touch foundation.


Light powders:

Finishing powders add more coverage to a look so if you are going to use one choose a translucent powder with little to no colour and apply the tiniest amount along the T zone.


You all know I love highlighter! Apply a small amount into your tinted moisturiser or foundation for a gentle glow and apply a dab on the cheek bones, arch brows and cupids bow. Try NYX born to glow liquid illuminator or High beam from Benefit.


What are your tips for a fresh look?
Would love to hear them

Jessie X 



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