The power of lipstick

Hey guys,

 I recently posted about my L’Oreal Matt gloss and have started trying out some lipsticks again the past few weeks. I tend to be lazy reapplying and focus more on my eyes when it comes to make up.

This week I wore different shades of lippie to work. My regular make up did not change and the amount of people who commented on the difference was hilarious. Lots of patients at work that see me on a regular basis were asking me what I was doing differently. I simply told them I was adding lipstick and was told on a few occasions that I should keep it up.

Lipstick does add a different dimension to a look and the fun thing about make up is you can create different looks at any time. It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut and follow the same routine.

The product I got most compliments with was the L’Oreal Matt Gloss and you can read my review on that under my lipstick category.

Next up was my of my old favourites, Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour colour in Pepetual Plum. This is an oldie for me but such a goodie. The colour is gorgeous but neutral enough. It lasts forever and keeps lips hydrated.
Finally, I have been going back to some MAC lipsticks. I forgot how fantastic their staying power is. I used the shade Twig yesterday and it lasted from 9am until 4pm without any re application. I lined my lips fully with a pencil in a similar colour and that was it. I had lunch , water and tea and coffee in this time frame and it lasted pretty well.

If your product is not a long-lasting design (like the L’Oreal and Maybelline products above ) I suggest doing the following:

  • Line lips with a pencil in a similar shade and fill in the entire lip
  • Apply lipstick all over and blot with a tissue
  • Reapply again and apply a light dusting of powder to seal

Have you any favourites when it comes to lipsticks or have you tried any of the above products?



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