Wedding Make up

I am so excited to finally have reached the six month mark to our wedding and it’s time to get skin and make up ready.

So many of my friends are getting married at the moment and I thought a post about wedding make up would be fun.

I was lucky enough to have my make up applied last year by Annette O Brien MUA, for my twin sister, Jan Eve’s wedding, which was exactly a year ago today!

A few weeks later I called her to see if she was available for my date. She was amazing and our make up was flawless from morning through to late at night. The only reapplying we did during the day was to our lipstick after eating.

Annette was so lovely and kept everyone relaxed on the day. She is bubbly and fun and was very organised. I was thrilled that she was free for my wedding date and can’t wait to see the finished look on the day.

Below are a few of my tips for wedding day make up:

1) I would advise everyone to have a make up trial prior to the big day just to ensure you are happy with the look. Time goes so fast on the morning itself and there is little time to change looks.
It also makes it easier for the person doing your make up as they can have a chart with everything they used and also make sure you have not had any allergies to the products.

2) I always think it’s lovely when a bride actually looks like herself. I don’t think your wedding day is the day to go too adventurous and try a totally different look. You want the make up to enhance your features and look like the best version of yourself. There are so many other times to take risks but I don’t think your wedding day is one of them.

3) Prep the skin the weeks leading up to your day so foundation sits well. ( I will do another post about skin prep soon)

4) If something goes wrong on the morning try not to stress. Your make up artist will know tricks of the trade and be able to fix any small details that you may not be happy with.

5) Have lipstick purchased for the big day. After your trial ask what colour was used and have it in your bridesmaids hand bag for reapplication for photos and after the reception.

Always remember that make up is always meant to be fun so don’t get too worried about what look you are trying to achieve on the day. Let your MUA know what your regular day and night time look is and trust them to do their thing.


Wedding make up

Beautiful bridal make up


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