Holiday skincare / make up packing

My holiday home is just around the corner and to say I am excited is an understatement! I am so bad when it comes to packing and I have to rearrange about 5 times! Painful!
My biggest problem is cutting back on cosmetics and make up ( I’m sure I’m not alone here) 

This year I’m being strict and packing relatively light and condensing to my essentials. 

Plane essentials for skin


mask for plane

– Aspect hydrating mask is a travel must have. Once I’m on the place I do a quick cleanse and apply my mask making sure to cover under the eye area also

– Facial wipes are also vital and handy to have in your carry on luggage

– A bottle of water has to be close by too. The aim here is to stay as hydrated as possible

-Zivirax for lips as I often get run down after a long flight. This is prime time for cold sores to appear for me so I always have this with me 
Skincare (all from ASAP)


skin care

– Travel size cleanser, scrub and moisturiser 
– Vitamin B and Vitamin C serum to feed, hydrate and protect skin

– Anti ageing night cream 
Make up essentials 

make up essentials

– Mineral and liquid foundation (I will be bringing ASAP mineral and Benefit liquid foundation)

-Rimmel primer

-MAC prolong wear concealer

-Naked palette

-Crown palette ( this has lots of eye colours, 2 blushes and a bronzer) 

-Benefit They’re Real travel size mascara

-MAC fluid line eye liner

-A neutral, red and pink lipstick


-Ben Nye Banana finishing powder

-Benefit travel size high beam for highlighting

-Selection of make up brushes

There are so many more products I would love to pop in but this will keep me going. This may seem a lot but it should cover all occasions. Travel size products are a saviour and safe lots of room in your make up bag 
Have you any travel essentials that you can’t leave home without? 
Jessie X 


3 thoughts on “Holiday skincare / make up packing

      1. I have the gel eye liner from crown brush and I’m not a fan of it. I don’t know how to describe it. I can say it may be too creamy or not solid of enough black. If I compare it to my other ones I’ve had it just doesn’t make the cut. I use it for smudging only. But that’s good to hear about the palettes because I’m cut off from anything eye palette. πŸ˜‘


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