Green smokey eye

I used to always wear bright colours on my eyes and since I purchased my Naked palette a year ago everything went neutral!

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my Naked eyeshadow and use them all the time but I decided it was time to mix things up and add some greens back into my make up.

Lots of people say not to match your eyeshadow to your eye colour but I think green shades are out of this world with green and hazelnut colour eyes.

A few weeks ago I went through my makeup and came across the perfect combo to achieve this

For this look I used :

– Virgin from Naked palette – for all over my eyelid and up to my brow arch

– Green shade in Artdeco mineral baked eyeshadow – in the centre of the eyelid and outer crease

– Half baked (gold shade) from Naked palette– I applied this on the crease and blended across the upper eyelid for a halo effect above my crease and underneath the eye on my waterline

Essence eye liner shade 25 called Feel the Mari-time- I used this on upper and lower lid

– They’re real mascara from Benefit

I used my trusty Crown brushes for applying and blending.

This is very quick and easy look to achieve and is perfect for a night out. If you want to make it more glam add some more gold and individual lashes.

I kept my blush and lips neutral to keep the focus on the eyes

Give it a go and add some colour back into your make up routine !

Jessie XGreen and Gold


6 thoughts on “Green smokey eye

    1. When I try to access this blog from my notifications thing I get a screen saying ‘ doesn’t exist’. Have to go through a google search to get here. Assuming you changed the name and something hasn’t updated, just to give a heads up. Or maybe it’s only happening to me, I dunno.


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