Wedding day skin prep

I recently did a post about Bridal make up and who was going to be doing mine for my wedding in December and you can read that here

Before any make up application skin prep is essential. You will know from my blog that I am a skin care fanatic and it will only get worse on the lead up to my big day.

Here are some of my tips for prepping skin prior to a wedding:

Start a skin care routine
Lots of people panic and get expensive treatments a few weeks before. While treatments have a big role you need to take responsibility to look after your skin. Go to a trusted skin care specialist or beauty therapist and get started on cosmectical products. This is ACTIVE ingredients that will do something for your skin (yes, you will be spending a little more then high street brands). My favourite brands at the moment are ASAP and COSMEDIX.
Don’t try new products two weeks before your big day. ACTIVE ingredients such as Retinol, can cause peeling and flaking and there is always the possibility of getting a reaction to any new product. Give yourself 3 months to get yourself sorted. It can take this long for you to see results from using products.

ASAP range
Cosmedix range

Focus on your weak areas
Breakouts? Rosacea? Pigmentation? Dehydration?
All of the above can take weeks/months to reduce. Again, see someone you trust to start a programme that will ensure you see results. No skin is the same so ask for help. What’s good for you will be different to what your friend needs. Also stress what your concern is. For example, I often see clients that are concerned with fine lines and wrinkles and I will not see wrinkles but I may notice pigmentation. Many people will say this is not a concern for them so they dont worry about it and we focus on tightening and firming treatments).

Get sleep and drink lots of water. An oldie but a goodie and you will see such a difference in your skin from these two steps.

Microdermabrasion and peels
These are great treatments on the lead up to your big day. They will gently exfoliate the skin and leave it fresh and glowing. Micros will help remove blackheads and congestion and firm the skin.
Peels are designed to exfoliate, hydrate, tighten and clear the skin, depending on the ingredients and peel used.


On the lead up to any wedding, nights out are part and parcel of the routine. This means dehydrated skin! Masks are a great way to add nourishment back. I love hyalouronic silk masks. They literally leave the skin glowing. I’m also a huge fan of Aspects hydrating mask. Choose one for your skin type and use on the lead up. This will ensure your skin is good condition for smooth make up application.



So that’s it! Have any of you tips or products that you swear by?
Stay tuned for my personal routine in the next few weeks.

Jessie X


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