My skin care routine 

This year is flying and it’s three months to our wedding day, so time to get my skin ready!
I recently did a post on preparing for wedding skin and I promised I would do a follow up on what I will be doing.
I won’t be adding anything new to my routine from here on in and will be sticking to the following:
My morning routine is cleansing, ASAP super B and super C Serum followed by ASAP daily Moisturiser SPF. These are my holy grail products. This is an Australian product but can be ordered and shipped worldwide from It has all active ingredients and it just works really well

When the weather heats up my pigmentation gets bad and over the past year has become very obvious. I use Medik8 white click balance to help clear pigmentation and stop further pigment from appearing. This has done wonders for my skin in the past and I will start to add this in to my routine in the coming weeks.

Night time, I remove all make up with cleanser and an eye make up remover. I use Cosmedix Refine, which is a retinol(vitamin A )and the main anti ageing ingredient everyone needs after the age of 25. See my past post on this under skincare posts (can’t use if pregnant or breast-feeding)

I use this three times a week and in between I use Aspect hydrating mask and leave it on my skin overnight. My skin is very dry so this works for me but choose one you like.

Twice a week I use a glycolic scrub(again from ASAP) to remove all dead skin and give a glow to the skin. (please please please don’t use apricot scrub!. The beads are too big and can damage the skin)

I am in the middle of doing a course of peels from Dermaquest. I have been doing Power Alpha Peptide peels that combines glycolic and lactic acid and peptides. This peel exfoliates and hydrates the skin leaving the best glow! I’m going go do 6 peels two weeks apart. The weeks in between I’m doing a mini pumpkin peel mask at home, from Dermaquest. I do a course of peels or micros once a year and then I rely on my skin care for the rest.

My final step is using my Light Stim which is a red light therapy. Apparently it helps with fine lines, skin texture and collagen production. I will do a proper review on this soon but so far it’s great. I have only had it for a month.

This sounds like a LOT of product but essentially it is 3 products in the morning and two at night and a scrub during the week. You will see I have no eye cream at the moment. I have a few I try but none I love. I have just Been bringing my serum up under the eyes and my mask.
I have extra steps in there For now but trust me, I go through my phases where I get lazy and just cleanse and put on spf! (if I’m really bad I use face wipes but I won’t get into that now cause I will rant on and this post is long enough)
Keep it simple so you stick with it. Trust me, you will see a difference. The key products everyone should have are a cleanser, scrub and spf. Serums are the next step and night creams / masks can follow when you start to build it up.

If I add in anything I will update this post and I will review some of the products I am using too. Like I said, this is my routine but is very specific to my dry skin and my concerns and will not be suitable for every skin type.



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