Storage goals

Storage goals
Let’s face it, overtime we build up a lot of crap. Be it accessories, clothes or make up, it can pile up and sometimes become overwhelming. 
It’s nice to have a home for everything but when you get tight on space (especially in apartment living), it’s time to start looking at storage solutions. 
I stumbled across these websites lately and

I fell in love with the make up storage boxes. It keeps everything neat and visible. These would be the dream but they can be a bit pricey! How cool would these be!

It is always good to keep an eye out in your local homeware stores too. 
I often pick up little jars for storing my make up brushes. Penny’s and Dunne stores are great places to search when I am visiting home and here in Sydney, Kmart often has little gems. Keep an eye out at local markets too.

Last year I did a big tidy up and I couldn’t find clear drawers. I found this stationary unit and it has been perfect for storing my make up ever since. 

Not as nice but it does the job!

 The next area that I find gets out of hand is jewellery! I have this rack hanging on the back of my bedroom door and it keeps most of my accessories in one place and my room clutter free.

 Clothes are a whole different ball game so I might do a separate wardrobe de cluttering post on that in the coming weeks. 

Have you any tips and tricks that you use to keep your space clutter free?
Jessie X 


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