Essentials for your handbag

5 products that will get you through any situation
Have you ever had a day where you are running around like a mad women and you don’t have time to get your shit together? Life can be stressful, we work long hours and sometimes the last thing you can think about is your make up. 

Lots of people don’t feel complete unless they have a small amount of make up on. Below is my list of essentials that will get you through the morning rush and most situations. The key is keeping it simple and neutral. 

Tinted moisturiser

This will even out skin texture and tone and give some colour to the face. If your in a rush it’s quicker then a foundation. I use Garniers BB cream. 

This is optional but I would choose concealer over any other product! I get massive dark hollows under my eyes so I have to have this, but for lots of people the tint in a moisturiser is enough. (Lucky ducks!) Rimmel Wake me up concealer is a good one for day to day use 

Eyeshadow pot
I think eyeshadow pots are the best. No need for brushes, just use your finger to apply. The texture also highlights the eyelid and gives a glowy effect (you all know how much I love the glow). My go to is Birthday suit from Benefit



 Everyone focuses on the eyes and mascara will create a wide awake look even if you are exhausted. You will all have your own favourite but one I always have hanging around is L’Oreal Telescopic in black


Pick a colour that you like to wear. It can double up as a blush too if the colour is suitable. Dab a dot on the apples of the cheek and pat in with your finger to give a flushed look and glow to the area. I love it when you can double up on a product. Rimmel always have a great colour range 

All you need now is a cute little make up bag to contain your essentials.

What’s your favourite product for everyday? 

Jessie X


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