Favourite skin treatments

Best skin treatments:
Are you looking for a pick me up before Christmas? There are some skin treatments that leave the skin glowing and give it a new lease of life!

My top pick and one of the safest options is a microdermabrasion.This is a treatment that essentially exfoliates dead skin and leaves it looking and feeling fresh and healthy. It’s no secret I am a big fan of peels, but before coming home I did one or two micros and I am in love. My skin never felt so good!

Here’s the low down:

Micros are suitable for a all skin types- it can be painful on acnaeic skins but stick with it! It really will help clear it up. I have seen acne prone skin transform after around 6 sessions. Dry, dehydrated and sensitive skins also benefit. I perform a gentler version on these skins but it still works! If you ever feel it is too strong tell your therapist! Strong doesn’t necessarily mean a better result. If you over do it you can be left with scratches and marks.

You may peel or have dry skin after- if you don’t look after your skin or exfoliate you may shed! I remember the first time I ever did a micro I peeled for a week! It was annoying but amazing because it showed how much dead skin was sitting there! Yuck! For this reason, don’t do one directly before a special occasion unless you have tried one before. Allow a week incase you have flakiness.

Mind your skin – think about it, once you get rid of alllllll that horrid, dull, lifeless skin just sitting there, everything you put on will work better and penetrate into the skin more effectively. 

How many do you need?

This depends! If you have problematic skin such as breakouts, you could do this every two weeks to really help the skin, until it starts to clear up.

If you have a special occasion and really want the skin to look great, you could do the same for a few weeks. If your skin is in good condition and you just need maintenance or a pick me up, once every 6 weeks is good. 

If you haven’t tried one and need to try something different, this is your treatment.

Jessie x


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