SOSU Gel nail polish review

SOSU Gel nail polish review
Hello hello,

It’s nearly the weekend and that means nail polish time! I decided to do a review on a polish I have been testing.

I always feel groomed and polished when I have my nails done and it can be the finishing touch to an outfit. 

You would have seen on my last blog that one of my lust list products was the SOSU Polish.
Living in Sydney, I don’t have access to this and I really wanted to try it when I got home.
My favourite shades are generally nudes, lilacs, pinks, and greys. 

SOSU collection (image from

I have to say I was so impressed by the colours when I finally got to the SOSU stand in Sam McCauleys chemist in Tralee! The same day I was really rushing so decided I would go back and get them when I had more time to browse! Big Big mistake! A few days later nearly all the colours were gone and when I looked in CH chemists they were sold out too! I was sickened and with our wedding a few days away I never got a chance to go back before flying to Sydney.

Anyway, I did pick up a colour called “icing on the cake” which is a sort of grey/ lilac colour (very poor description by me!) The shades I wanted to try were “death by chocolate” and “Nude freak”. Icing on the cake is a nice colour that I will wear a lot.

icing on the cake

Here’s my verdict:
Packaging– Great. Simple and clear writing and loving the gold.

Applicator– standard like all polishes and very easy to apply

Consistency– I’m not going to lie. I thought this was very thick for the first application and was a tad disappointed. HOWEVER, second coat went on very easily and it dries and sets very quickly with no streaks. I have also tried this again just to make sure before reviewing, and it was not thick and much easier to apply. I think it just needed a very good shake and now it goes on like a dream. 

Longevity– No joke, I have had this on 7 days and have had zero chipping. Well impressed. I work with my hands everyday. If I’m not doing beauty treatments, I am typing and literally not a chip has occurred. I have no top coat application either so even more amazing.

Price: I think I paid just over 7.50 euros. Yes some will say this is a little expensive but they are a generous size and I will happily pay a little more if it means there is no chipping. Think how much you pay for an OPI or ESSIe polish. 

I would happily recommend this polish and I am giving it a 5/5.

On my next trip home I know there will be more shades out for the summer collection. I’m sure they will be just as great and I will definitely try to get my hands on the other shades. 

Have any of you tried any other colours that you loved from the collection? 
Jessie X



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