My HAPPY products

It says it all in the title!Here are my beauty essentials that make me happy
Skincare– any type. I’m obsessed and will try everything and anything. I will buy skincare over clothes and shoes!


One of my fav brands


Nail polish– it makes me sooooo happy. I love having a bright colour on my nails. It’s an instant pick me up.


COAT polish in Marshmallow- a must have

Highlighter– you can’t help but feel good with some highlight on. There’s so many I adore and I just mix them up all the time.


a super highlighter



Soft and gentle from MAC

Palettes – oh the excitement and thrill of opening a new eyeshadow palette. The mixture, textures and colour combos….as sad as it sounds, it gives me endless hours of entertainment!


Crown Brush Australia palettes- the best

Concealer– my last happy product is concealer. Why does it make me so happy? Because I always need it to cover my dark circles!!!


Wake me up


This make me soooo happy


What are your happy products ?
Jessie X


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