Wardrobe Detox

So January was the month that we all started our resolutions, healthy eating and exercise plan! This is also the perfect time to Declutter your wardrobe, accessories and even make up.

There is nothing more rewarding then doing a big clear out.

A few years ago my sister and I ran a small style coaching business and one of the main tasks was to declutter clients wardrobes. Some people loved it and felt lighter and their mind was more clear. Others had a panic and hated the thought of clothes and shoes being thrown out.

Here are my guidelines for an easy and stress free process:

Wardrobe goals
Wardrobe goals

1- Only do this when you have time:

If you haven’t done this for a while it can eat into your day. Make sure you can start and finish so you don’t get frustrated.

2- Be realistic:

If you haven’t worn something for over a year dump it. I find this hard but seriously, if you didn’t go near it for this long you really won’t again.

3- Does it fit:

This is the biggest mistake we all make. How many times have we said “in a few months that will fit me again. I will hang on to it for a while”. In a few months if that is still hanging there and you haven’t lost weight you will start to feel bad! No one wants this guilt. There’s already enough going on in life. Dump it and treat yourself to something new when you have reached your goals. I understand people keeping one or two items that they use to keep them motivated. We used to allow clients to keep one item and warned them if it wasn’t fitting in another 6 months it had to go. No negotiations!

4- The maybe pile:

The maybe pile is important. If you are very undecided you can put 10 items in this section. When you are nearly finished go through this pile again and be ruthless. Take at least 5 out of this pile and ask your self the questions-

  • Does it fit
  • Is it in good condition
  • Does it suit my shape

If the answer to any of these is no, dump it.

5- Sentimental items:

There will always be something in your wardrobe that pulls at your heart strings. It could be a scarf or accessory from a loved one or an outfit you wore for a special day. If you have items like this that you can’t part with and you know you can’t wear it again, put it in a nice box and store it. A box with tissue paper will keep it safe and create more storage for you.

6. Hang up your clothes:
This will depend on space but try to hang what you can. This makes it easier to find and easier on the eye. Do not use wire hangers as they pull the shape out of clothes. If you need to fold, keep in neat piles.

After all this put your clothes back. If folding, keep piles neat and put like with like eg all jumpers in one pile. Do the same for hanging, dresses with dresses, shirts with shirts.


BEFORE- my messy pile


AFTER- neat piles(kind of!)



Shoes and accessories:

You do the exact same thing with shoes and accessories.

If you have special occasion heels or winter boots, ensure they are wiped after use and if they are being stored away put them back into a box or keep in a well ventilated place. If shoes or handbags aren’t worn for months they can get mouldy or damaged if not cared for.


Shoes and handbags

(We are tight on space in our apartment so doing the best I can with shoe storage!)

Finally, create two piles- one for rubbish and one for charity/ giving away.

Only put clothes/shoes in a charity pile if they are in good condition.

I like to do this every 6 months as it keeps your wardrobe fresh and ready for summer and winter.

Give it a go, you will feel so much better.

Jessie X


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