Motivation train

Happy February
I am writing this on Monday, February 1st. My New Year’s resolutions never actually started in January so I am taking that the first day of the month falls on a Monday as a sign to get my ass back in gear.

I really don’t know what happened in January. My motivation is normally pretty good. When I get in the zone I can achieve most things but not this month. Literally everything has gone from hero to zero. I have been eating terribly, there has been no exercise and I hate to say it as I am always preaching re skin care, but even that has been pretty slack.
I used the wedding and traveling as excuses for the first week back to reality but that ship has long sailed!


Here are my quick tips I am going to follow for February to try and get me back to feeling healthy and motivated. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before but maybe we can all get motivated together.

1- Routine
I am a creature of habit and I try to convince myself I am not. I have noticed as I get older if I do not have a routine I get really upset and it plays havoc with my emotions!I need to have a rough time I go to bed and I try to stick to the same get up time, even at the weekends. Think of how babies and kids need a routine. I think as adults we all need some structure and it keeps everything flowing!

On that note sleep is so important. I know lots of people that function on 4-5 hours no problem. There is no way I could do this. I’m not someone that has naps during the day so when I don’t get 7 hours I am cranky and generally not a nice person. Sleep is vital for replenishing your bodies needs and restoring balance. Skin goes crazy too when it is deprived of rest. Your body and skin does all its repairing at this time so try to get your 7 hours. ( For any parents of small children you are probably screaming at the screen. I know it’s impossible with smallies but you know where I am coming from!)


3- Food
Eatng clean. This is an obvious one I know, but eating fresh and healthy foods makes such a difference. I lost very little weight before our wedding because I had severely hurt my back 3 months prior. I had to quit the gym and my only exercise for three months was walking 30 mins every day. I felt fit and healthy at this time just because I was eating very well. I was conscious of not exercising and was extra aware of what I was eating and I had so much energy. Even though no weight was coming off, no extra was going on (until I went home for xmas!). It is the starting that is hard. After a week the difference in energy levels and your skin and hair will be proof enough to stick with it.


4 – Alcohol
Oh hello friend! There is no point on me going on about this. We all know drinkies at the weekend will make us feel bloated, tired and unmotivated. It is so much fun at the time but if you over do it it kills your motivation. If you are trying to get motivated and healthy it is always good to take a break from alcohol .If you enjoy a beer or glass of wine and cant bear this thought, just be more mindful on quantities so your motivation stays high.

5- Get moving
Another obvious one but it is good to do some form of exercise. Like I said, I had to cut out all types of gym work and I still haven’t gone back to it. Any little form like walking or a sport you enjoy will make you feel better in general. It is the starting that is the worst part.

7- Make lists
I am the list queen! I write them every week and start ticking as I go along. Just make sure what you put on it can be achieved so you don’t feel guilty. Do this for basic day/week tasks and for exercise too. Plan what days you are going to do something and write it down.

8- Be kind
Being kind to yourself and others. Don’t listen to negativity and try not to get drawn into it. When you are kind to other people you feel happier and healthy. Think of a time someone was a serious shit to you. It drags you down and you can let it affect you. Like the pic says Sprinkle kindness everywhere because at the end of the day, kind people are the happiest and this will always keep you motivated.


9-Motival quotes/ Books
If you have a goal you are aiming towards, keep positive affirmations around you. They do make you push towards your goals. Another great thing is reading. I have lost count how many times I pull out the book, “The Secret” . This book keeps everything positive and you power through.


10- Tell your goals to your favorite people
There is nothing nicer then spending time with people we love. They are also our biggest supporters so if you have a goal in mind share it with your people! This way you will have support and because you have shared it you are going to try to stick with it. This could be doing a 5k run or starting a new venture. Once its out in the open you will be able to discuss it and reach your goal quicker.

I hope these help! I am going to try and abide by my ten steps over February and I will keep you posted in March how its all going.

Jessie X


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