January favourites

The first month of the New Year is done and dusted and I have some lovely favourites to share with you.

1. BenNye luxury Powder in rose petal
I bought this ages ago and have been using it on and off. I have been wearing this everyday in January and it’s simple a great product. I will do a full review and post in the next few days.
This keeps my make up on all day and night. It is translucent so it is a loose powder. Personally I much prefer loose powders but they can get messy.
The weather has been psychotic here. One minute it’s raining the next it’s 30 degrees. It’s been pretty humid and this bad boy has been super in all types of weather. You can purchase from Camera ready cosmetics


2. Glow oil from Medik8
I needed some goodness for my skin after Xmas and when I got back to work this was one of our new products. I normally wouldn’t rave about a product until I had used it for a longer period of time but this is sick! It has Vit C (a hero ingriendent we all should be using) and 12 essential oils. This is only for dry or dehydrated skin and soaks in instantly and doesn’t leave that oily residue. This is defiantley my favourite purchase in January and gave my skin the pep it badly needed.


3. In2It Shimmer Blusher in Apricot
This was a random purchase at Bangkok airport and from memory was cheap and cheerful. It’s possibly one of the best blushers I have ever tried. It leaves the most beautiful shimmer on the cheek so no need for a highlighter if you want to skip a step. After doing a bit of research it seems to be a product from the Philippines so if you ever see it if you are in Asia, try some.


4. Monogram pouch
Monogrammed leather seems to be a big deal here at the moment and there are two places that are doing it in Sydeny-

The Daily Edited

I wanted to get one to wear for the day after our wedding with my new initials but wasn’t organised enough. The Monpurse store is around the corner from me at work and I stumbled across it grabbing a coffee one day. I decided to treat myself to one for my birthday and I think it is the cutest thing. There are a variety of colours to choose from and also different style bags, pouches, clutches, wallets and travel essentials. The quality is great as it is all European leather and it can be sent worldwide. It is such a great idea as a bridesmaid gift or even a pressie for a bride to be, birthdays or for anyone that likes a nice bag!
You can check them out here


Did you guys try any knew products in a january? Would love to hear

Jessie X


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