Be my Valentine

Valentine’s day is only a day or two away. I’m a huge softie but I am not overly into this day because I think you can do nice little gestures for your significant other throughout the whole year! In saying that, it is a time that people treat each other. Here is my list of some different presents that may impress your other half. And also that are on my February wish list!

Ok so this isn’t very different but I don’t think there is a person out there who doesn’t like flowers. Roses are typical for valentines so why not get a bunch of colorful flowers instead. This will depend on your partner but it is something different.


Most of us love our comfies so why not get a useful gift that you will wear all the time. This will be a useful gift for men or women. I am loving Reebok at the moment. Dreamy!


I loves me a handbag ! You may have seen my recent pic of my Mon Purse pouch! What a cool idea. If ever in doubt for a good bag hit up River Island. They never, ever fail.



Skin care/Spa day
Everyone loves skin care ( I know you men love it too) so why not give a voucher to get a few new bits and bobs . If you are feeling extra generous get a spa day that the two of you can enjoy together. My two favourite spa locations are Nadur in Tralee or Parknasilla in Sneem, both in Co. Kerry . Absolute heaven.

(Nadur spa – Image from

(Image from

I had to put it on the list! How cute is this love heart blusher from Too faced. Make up of any kind will ALWAYS be greatly appreciated.



Finally, rather than waste money on gifts, my choice would be do something nice TOGETHER. Cook a meal, go for a romantic stroll. The best things in life are free and valentines is all about spending the day with loved ones, regardless if you are in a relationship or not!

Just remember to get a card. Everyone needs a card!!!

Have a good one

Jessie X


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