Playful eyes

Hey everyone,
I have been wearing a lot of nudes lately and I am starting to get seriously bored with the same look. Everything is just a bit Blah. 
Today I am using purple again (it is one of my favourite eye looks when I do wear colour) 


To add more of a pop to this look I am going to use some green/aqua eyeliner to show you how to mix it up. It is so easy to automatically grab a black liner or gel. You don’t need to spend a fortune on colour liners either. I am using one from Essence and it is very good quality. If you are heavy handed and ever make a mistake, have a trusty cottontip beside you and some make up remover. If you are doing a colourful eye keep the rest of the look simple. This is still a natural look and could be vamped up for night time.

So here is the look and the product list is below.


sorry for the pose!!!
Products used


Fit Me Foundation Dewy and smooth-Maybelline
Fit Me Concealer- Maybelline

Purple shades – Crown Australia palette and dark purple in crease from a Guerlain palette

Soo Glow highlighter- Essence

Pink blush- Crown Australia palette

Green eyeliner- Essence kanal pencil in shade 25 feel the Mari Time

Mascara- Rimmel Extra 3D lash (this is one of my favorite mascaras)

Sexy mother pucker Gloss- Soap and Glory

All Nighter setting spray- Urban Decay (Bloody amazing by the way- must review it soon)

Powder- Ben Nye Roseuxuey powder

I have used nothing on my brows- I just gave them a quick brush 

Hope you like the look and maybe you can try something like this for the weekend.

Jessie X


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