February favourites

March is here! WTF!
Time to run through my Feb favourites.

Top of my list is, surprise surprise, a skincare product!

I have developed some Melasma recently and started a product to lighten it. Melasma is a real pain in the ass form of pigmentation, that is very difficult to get rid of. I’m in the process of writing a post for you all about it to explain how it happens! Anyway, I have been trying Brightenex from ZO skin health and it’s pretty damn good. I’ve been using it all of Feb and it is working wonders. I will include this in my post


Next up is Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch foundation. I’m nearly empty and I have been using this because it is so light weight in the hot Sydney weather. It gives good coverage but feels like I am wearing no foundation! I’m actually obsessed with Maybelline at the moment. This is very runny so I apply a small amount on a brush and blend in. I have tried with fingers in the past and it doesn’t work as well. It’s a great foundation to try.


I’ve also used up all of my Rimmel Extra 3D lash mascara. The application wand is thin and slightly curved so it is very easy to get in to all the baby lashes that can sometimes escape. I absolutely LOVE thus product.


Finally, my last favourite for the month is a cute notebook my mom sent me. I’ve been using this for jotting down ideas for blogs and future plans and ventures. I love having an idea book to keep myself motivated.


Have a good one

Jessie X


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