Microdermabrasion lowdown

(Long post alert)

I can’t tell you how many times I get messages from people asking why microdermabrasions are so good.
I do these daily for clients and honestly can say they are one of the best treatments for all skin types. My good friend Naomi did one for me last week and my skin felt amazing!
I’m a big fan of peels, but while the weather has been hot in Sydney I have been doing micros on my own skin from time to time, because they are safe to do all year round.


So here’s the low down

Who does it suit:
The simple answer- EVERYONE
Older, thining, sensitive or vascular skins will need a gentle treatment.
Oily, thick and acne skins can take a stronger version

How often do you need one?
I see people that do one every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks.
Problematic skins can do one every two weeks to help clear acne, oiliness and breakouts. Do a course of 4-6 and see how great your skin feels

Dry/ dehydrated skins will not need as regularly. Once a month is great for maintenance and keeping the skin fresh and healthy.

Let’s get real though! In today’s busy world it may not be realistic to do it so frequently so whenever you feel it needs a lift, treat yourself.

Why so good?
This is a manual form of exfoliation and takes away all the dead skin that sits on the skin and hides the glow we all want. Various machines exist but my personal favourite is a diamond head.
– removes dead skin
– helps remove black heads and congestion
– removes dry skin to reveal fresh, clean skin
– helps tighten pores
– helps strengthen the skin structure and promote collagen (Yay)
– promotes cellular turnover
-safe and effective

The first two will happen after one treatment but to get the other benefits you will need a few sessions


Me straight after and a few hours after

What are the side affects:
-Zero if done correctly!
-You will be a little pink/ red straight after for anything up to a few hours

If you have a heavy handed therapist and you feel it is scratching the skin or too strong you may get scratches on the skin. These will go but you can always request a softer pressure. Your skin therapist will know what pressure to use depending on your skin type, age and concerns.

I warn clients that your skin may get worse before it gets better. I always find it takes 3 days before you get that glow and smoothness. It feels great immediately but next 2 days you may get dryness, flakiness or even breakouts. This is normal and will pass. Honestly! Day 3-4 you will be a happy chappy.


Me three days after

What next:
After getting such a super treatment it is up to you to keep up the good work! In between sessions you need to cleanse twice a day and get all your make up off, and exfoliate 2-3 times per week (depending on your skin type)

Have any of you tried this treatment?

Jessie X


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