Skincare- Pigmentation/melasma

Hey lovelies,today I am doing a post about an underlying skin issue that has crept to the surface….the dreaded MELASMA.
Anyone who knows me will know my love for the sun and beach. Years of tanning and not being too kind to my skin in my teens and early 20’s has resulted in some pigmentation and sun damage. However, after doing my beauty training and working in skin clinics in Sydney, I really got to learn about the skin and the products that are essential to keep things ticking over. As much as I like the sun, I am VIGILANT with my sunscreen and skin care routine. 

On honeymoon in Thailand I noticed a big blotch of brown pigment on my forehead and under my eye. I had an internal freakout and quickly ignored it as I didn’t want to be dramatic on our trip. It was only when we were swimming one day and James asked me why was there dirt on my forehead I realsied that my Melasma was obvious and a permanent fixture. You can imagine the reaction poor James got!


my lovely melasma

So what is it:
In simple terms, it is a very stubborn form of pigmentation that can be near impossible to remove. With regular sun damage you can do treatments such as IPL and lasers that can undo the pigmentation but with Melasma these can often make it worse.


What causes it:

Sun exposure, the pill, pregnancy and those blasted hormones! Man, it’s tough being a woman sometimes! And guess what? Only a tiny percent of men get this!

Sunbathing can make it worse and it will always look more obvious in the summer months. The pill is a big cause too. Many women get a line of pigment above there upper lip from years of being on the pill. I have had this for sometime (and yes, if I am not careful with my make up it looks like I have an almighty ronnie!) 
I’ve lost count how many women I have seen that get a blast of it when they are pregnant. This is often called the mask of pregnancy and can leave a butterfly effect on the face- pigment starts on forehead and goes out on cheeks and under the eyes, onto the upper lip creating the shape of a butterfly. When our hormones go into overdrive, melanin production can increase. It usually settles after the pregnancy.


hello ronnie !!!

What to do:
I really wish there was a magic potion but skin care is the best option to start with and getting hormones checked is not a bad idea either. Some people choose to come off the pill and see if the body settles itself and some choose to go on a different brand. If it something that is really bothering you chat to a Doctor and a skin specialist. Like I said earlier the sun plays a huge role too so it doesn’t mean this will happen from being on the pill. I have read a lot about people using lasers for this. Please be careful if you are going down this route as it has been known to make it worse. Microdermabrasions and peels can help as they exfoliate the skin and increase cellular turnover, but they will not get rid of it.

My Plan:

I started using ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi products to target and treat my melasma. I have worked with this product for a few years and it is truly amazing. I am using TE pads to exfoliate my skin and ensure it is clean. This also makes sure the next products going on penetrate deeper and work better. I have then started using Brightenex that is specifically designed to help improve uneven skin tone and stubborn pigmentation. 

T E Pads ❤️

My regular routine is the same, Vit C in the day and Vit A at night and ALWAYS finish with my sunscreen. 

I have been using the above products for 4 weeks and honestly I have noticed a small difference already. It could take 6 months to lighten but so far I am mighty impressed. 

You can see a very detailed past review on ZO Skin Health here:
This range is not cheap but it is packed full of potent ingredients that really work. I will update you all again in a few months. (Please be aware that many of the products are retinol based so are not sutiable for pregant ladies or people who are breastfeeding)
For any Irish girls reading, I did a quick search and the only place I can see that stocks this product is Renew clinic in Dublin:

Any Australian readers can search for a stock list here:

It is only stocked at Doctors clinics. If anyone knows of other places in Ireland, please let me know. 

I am so excited to be using Brightenex and I am pretty confident it will make a big difference to my skin. It may not look overly obvious in the pics and can be covered with make up. I like to wear a fresh face days I’m not working so I just wanted to soften the intensity of the pigment.

Does anyone else get sunspots and pigmentation? 

Jessie X


4 thoughts on “Skincare- Pigmentation/melasma

  1. Hi Jessie, can you please update us on your melasma and brightened ? I have melasma on my cheeks and seriously considering either Melamin or Brightened. I know former is hydroquinone and later retinol based. My dermatologist says hydroquinone will be the best course of action for now.
    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hello,
      Just to let you know my melasma has cleared completely after using BrightenEx. I have not used is for 6 months as melasma is all gone. I have however moved from Australia to ireland so I am not in the sun anymore which has helped clear it also. It had cleared prior to my move though. I now use a vitamin c serum and spf everyday to make sure it stays clear. Personally I don’t like the idea of using hydro qui one and that why I went for BrightenEx .i would recommend it but results will vary for each person. I hope that helps but it really worked for me


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