Flawless skin tips

So we all want flawles skin, but in reality it is pretty hard to achieve! All these filters on our phones can give an airbrushed look and sets us up for unreal expectations!

Today I am giving you my tips to try and get a flawless as possible look, with some basic make up and tools.

1- Skin prep– this will depend on your skin but I always recommend a primer. I like MAC Prep and Prime but see what is best for your skin type. Apply a small amount with fingers or a brush all over the face

2- Concealing spots-
if you have breakouts/pimples/sun spots, dab a TINY amount of concealer on to the area. Don’t pack it on but try to blend it. A small concealer brush is good or your fingers…dab dab dab until it blends into the skin.

3- Foundation application- use whatever suits you best. Fingers work well because they will warm the product up. I am a tad obsessed with blending sponges and buffing brushes. They literally give an airbrushed look to the skin and make it look like you are wearing very little foundation. I’m using the Crown brush BK6 – Flat Bronze brush. This is technically a bronzer and blush brush but I love it for my foundation. The CHICHI blending sponge is my favourite. For a special occasion I ALWAYS using a sponge at the end and dab all over my face. It pushes the product in and give such a great finish. Give this a go girls honestly.




4- Concealer- now conceal under eyes if you need it. I need all the coverage I can get under my eyes!. Dab on with blender, fingers or a brush

5- Dab again- for good measure go over the skin again. Press and roll, press and roll all over the face

6- Apply finishing powder- if you saw my last post I wasnt too impressed with my MAC translucent powder last week. It usually works a treat but I also like Ben Nye powder. If you need extra coverage try a compact powder. Pick your poison and apply with a big powder brush all over the face or a powder puff. The latter will make it last longer. Press your puff onto the lid and again press and roll so it’s setting better.  I use the BK1 – Jumbo Powder Dome brush from Crown brushes.


Voila… that’s it.. hopefully a pretty good base.
Remember… less is more. I’m a terror for packing on foundation but it will make you look older then you are and highlight wrinkles. By pressing your foundation in you are creating a better base that will stay.

Jessie X


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