April Wish List

Happy April Everyone,

Sorry, I have been a bit slack with posts ! I hope April has been good to you all so far. I’m back with a few bits and pieces on my wish list for the month.

1. NYX Auto Eyebrow pencil
I can’t wait to try these. I stumbled across them online and thought they would be worth a go. I usually use gel or shadow to fill in my brows. These come in four shades and if they are as good as the other NYX products I have, I would be happy to add to my make up kit.


2. Mon Purse pouch
I treated myself to this for my birthday in pink (naturally!) with my new initials. The quality is fantastic and I am eyeing up a darker shades for Winter. it so doesn’t help that they are only around the corner from my workplace!


3. Wayne Goss brushes
I am slightly obsessed with Wayne. I feel I need to do a post about how awesome his videos are… you know what, I will. Leave that one with me for a few days. Anyway, he has a brush line and I want it! Even one brush from the line!. Go check him out


4. River Island – New Shoes
I have been really bad for heels lately, always opting for flats. If I had these bad boys I would want to wear them all day, every day. What else would you expect from River Island


What’s on your wish list for the month ?

Jessie X


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