Skin recovery after a long weekend

Hey everyone hope you are having a lovely weekend.
It’s currently a bank holiday in Ireland and it was one here last week. This post could be relevant to anyone that overindulged in some yummy food and drinks, as we all do on a three day weekend. 
My skin went into recovery mode this week. A combination of lots of food, drinkies and … I hate to admit it, but sleeping with my make up on one night, left my skin a little battered! 
By the time Tuesday came around I had spots erupting on my chin and forehead. And not just the small kind, the painful ones that sit for a few days and bloody hurt.

So what do you do to get skin back on track?

It will depend on your skin type but here are a few rules that should suit most. (I might do a break down on skin types soon if that is something you would be interested in. Let me know in the comments) 

1. No product overloading!I did this last week and my face was a mess on Friday. I over exfoliated and over stimulated my skin and ended up with a flaking chin. (not a good look when you are helping people with their skin)

2. Hydrate Even though we think we need to exfoliate and dry out the skin to remove spots, we actually need to hydrate! Think of the drinks and salty foods you may have consumed over the weekend! Skin needs moisture and an even balance so the worst thing you can do is deny it of moisture. 

3. Do what you normally do Cleanse, serum and moisturiser repeat! This is what to do in the morning-Cleanse, exfoliate (only 2- 3 times in the week) and night time cream or serum. (I’m hoping anyone over 27 is using a retinol based product here)

4. Add a mask This is the perfect time to introduce a mask. If you feel the skin needs a cleaning and it’s oilier, use a mask for this. If it’s still very dry use a hydrating mask. Better still, if you can, use a mixture to spot treat certain areas of the face

5. Easy on the make up As much as we want to mask everything, this is not the week to pack on the make up. Use a light layer or a mineral make up so skin can breath and recover. Spots will clear up much quicker

6. Water, water and more water So so boring but I made myself drink 1.5 – 2 litres everyday this week. It really does help flush out the toxins and purify the skin.

7. Don’t forget the body You may find you are getting a few breakouts on you body too such as the upper back. I got one on my collar bone. (The toxins gotta come out some way!) make sure to cleanse and exfoliate these areas too and most importantly… HYDRATE.

Hope these tips help in the recovery process and for the love of God please please please DO NOT go to bed with your make up on! 
Jessie X


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