April Favourites

Another month down! April was by far the quickest month so far this year.
Here’s a quick round up of my top 3 products this month.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer:


I did a review on this product just last week. You can check it out here:
It’s worth a try in my eyes. I just love Rimmell so much

Mac Studio Fix finishing powder:


This is a dream. Once my make up is on it does not budge. This is heavy coverage so be warned and provides a Matt finish. I apply on the nose and forehead, basically the areas where make up slides. A rule I tend to follow with this is to go a shade higher then your foundation. If you wear nw 20 in foundation, wear nw 25 for your powder. If in doubt ask at the MAC counter to match you up.

Batiste XXL Plumping Powder:


This product gives me the volume I need for my short hair and gets me out of a lot of bad hair days! I apply a dusting on my roots and scrunch in. This can also be used on long hair, not just short. I always have this product in my bathroom. It feels weird in your hair and kinda provides a grit! That doesn’t really make sense but basically it takes away the glossy feeling to make my hair messy and structured. Short haired girls will know what I mean!

What were your favourites for April? I love hearing about new products I haven’t tried before

Jessie X


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