ABC skincare

Hey everyone,
I have been a little preoccupied lately. My posts haven’t been as frequent and won’t be for the next month! Between work, another make up course and planning a move home, life is getting a bit hectic. This means stress and stress affects skin! So it seemed like the perfect time to write a blog about ingredients. I wanted to explain some I feel are important for a healthy complexion. 

 The below picture was my skin a few days post honeymoon. I had been on a great routine and it was glowing. I was using all the ingredients I am about to mention. The ABC of skincare 

skin post wedding after a strict routine

Glycolic and Lactic acid:

These are considered AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acides) and gently loosen dead skin cells to reveal a fresh and radiant skin. They are important for all skin types. You will find these in cleansers, exfoliators and some night creams. Everyone from late twenties onwards needs to be using some form of active exfoliation. 

Salicylic acid:

This acid is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid). This ingredient can get into the pore and clear it out It tends to suit congested and very oily skins. 

Vitamin C: 

This little antioxidant sure packs a punch. It helps stimulate collagen and helps reduce pigmentation. It is a must have product as part of an anti ageing regime.


Likewise, retinol is one of the main anti ageing ingredient’s. It helps improve skin elasticity, cellular renewal and overall skin appearance.

Hyalouronic acid:

There is a lot of talk regarding this at the moment and for good reason. This helps bind water and moisture into the skin. When you put a moisturiser on top it helps soak it in deeper, providing long lasting hydration. Fine lines reduce and skin becomes plump. 

Niacinamide (B3)

This may seem a little similar to Hyaluroinc acid. It helps with hydration but also helps stimulate collagen. It can be helpful to people with Rosacea and soothes the skin. 

There are a LOT more ingredient’s out there but these are some of my favorites. I honestly feel that combining some or all of these into your routine makes a difference to your overall skin. Always ask a trusted skin specialist for help and for your concerns. 
Younger skins will not need all of these but as we get older we start to lose hydration and skin starts to get dull! Whaaaa. Please leave a comment or message me if you need any help!
Have a super weekend


2 thoughts on “ABC skincare

  1. Hi jessie sheila here mollys baby shop in sunny castleisland my daughter grace has acne we seriously have tried so many products and nothing really works it’s not severe acne but it’s bad enough she tends to try and cover with lots of make up brands from no7 to benefit maybe you might have a few tips for her she is 16. Thanks


    1. Hey Sheila, I will send you a message today with a few suggestions. I am out of the loop with products in Ireland but will have a quick search. We are moving back in a few weeks too so I will call in to you then too x


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