May favourites

So we are officially in Winter in Sydney but it won’t be long until I hit the Irish summer (hopefully the sun will make an appearance).

May has been one of those crazy months, but I did have time to trial a few new pieces.

Naked tan – 2 hour tanning mousse:
This is a beautiful tan. I can’t believe I did not try this sooner. This needs to be left on skin for 2 hours and then showered off. It leaves the most beautiful glow and tan and it does not have a tan smell. The best part is it it super easy to apply and there is no risk of getting streaks.


Essence -Happy girls are prettiest contour set:
This is a great little palette and the contour part is just right for a natural look. I have been using this everyday and applying the contour as a brown eye shadow too. The highlight is very light and not the most amazing I have tried but I would recommend for the contour alone.


L’ Oreal – Lash Sensational Waterproof mascara:
I like this product (hence it being on my list), but the brush scares me a bit! It gives a beautiful fan effect and lashes look huge with it. I just need to get used to the brush. It is big on one side and smaller on the other, so you can get all lashes, but I feel I am going to poke my eye! I am managing and really liking the final look.


Have you any new products you lived this month?

Jessie X


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