Storage goals 

I have waited so long to find a set of drawers for my make up that was reasonable and big enough to store my go to products. 

After moving back to Ireland I promised myself I was getting a nice home for my make up that would be clear and easy to find and treating myself to this one item.

While in Homestore and more getting an ironing board ( a sentence I never thought I would be writing!) there was my beautiful unit gleaming at me. 

storage perfection
storage perfection

It is perfect and stores all the make up I use on a daily basis. It has three deep drawers for foundations, palettes or blushes. Trust me when I say, it stocks heaps! 



The top has sections to hold 12 lipsticks and an area I use for brushes and lip pencils. This is a great place to put items you use every day.



I love love love it and for 69 euro it is a LOT cheaper then some of the make up boxes you can order online. It was still a splurge but my make up storage solution are sorted👍

Jessie X


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