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Micro needling This is a huge buzz word in the skin industry lately and I was lucky enough to get my training and certificate to perform this treatment during the week.

image from Derma pen
I have been doing skin needling for 5 years in Sydney and had regular clients getting this done. The laws are a little stricter in Ireland so I got my equivalent qualification for here and I can happily do this treatment knowing I have been trained at a high standard.

So what is it?

The short answer is tiny little needles piercing the skin to help promote collagen. I like to think that the needles are tickling the skin and encouraging cell renewal. When this happens you are creating a controlled trauma to the skin and it goes into healing mode, creating lovely plump skin and collagen production. Yahoo ๐Ÿ‘

Does it hurt?

You have a numbing cream applied so you can’t feel the treatment. 

Do you look scary after?

This depends! Yes you will be red and you may have pinpricks of blood over the face. This is quickly washed off and it looks like you have a mild sunburn. You will be red for anything from 12 to 24 hours. This will vary and some people will be redder and may even get a tiny bruise here and there. It will depend on your skin.


numbing cream time
Can you cover it up?

You sure can. I am wearing mineral makeup on the picture below the day after the treatment.The skin will be dry and tight for a few days and give one week for the skin to recover.


the three stages
What does it help with?

Nearly everything! Fine lines, skin texture, pigmentation, large pores, thickening the skin. It’s main aim is to help produce collagen stimulation and elastin production, so an excellent anti ageing treatment. 

How many do you need?

Some people will only get one treatment but it’s always good to do a course of 3 with a 4 week gap inbetween. It can take 3 weeks for you to start seeing results.

Who can get it done?

Everyone. This is safe on all skin types and unlike laser treatments it is safe with minimal downtime.

Email me if you have any questions about the benefits of this treatment and I will be happy to answer any questions.

Have a good day 

Jessie X 


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