Fuschia Masterclass 

Last Friday I went to a masterclass Fuschia makeup were hosting in CH chemist in Tralee.
This was a class to show you how to create a little more drama to your look.
Ann Maire was the pro make up artist and I have to say she was so fabulous. She was informative, down to earth and beyond knowledgable with all the product range. She was also realistic and discussed the difference between Instagram make up and real make up. 
It was very refreshing to hear a Pro artist talking about this. She also highlighted the fact that make up is meant to be fun and people are forgetting that lately. She was a breath of fresh air and if any of you have an opportunity to go to an event she is doing again, I would highly recommend you to do so. 

You can also follow Fuschia Make up on social media to get some of her tips and tricks and here is the link to the website http://promo.fuschia.ie

What a make up range it is! I was really interested in getting the loose pigments and glitters but I was very impressed with the rest of the make up line. The foundations, finishing powders and highlighters were out of this world and I will be back to add some to my kit in the future. If you are looking for nice brushes too these looked awesome. I have heaps but these will be a serious contender when I need some new ones. 
I stuck to my guns and picked up two pigments. I also purchased the I line sealer to apply under them to make the colour transform. This is a must if you are buying these products. It’s also great to use with other glitters you may have. 

Here is a picture of Molton Lava and Mango Pink.

fuschia pigments

Now add the I Line Sealer for a more dramatic look.

before and after with iline sealer

The pigments were 14 euro and the I Line Sealer was 10 euro. Less is more with these products so it will last AGES. 

Have any of you tried this range?


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