Make up: save vs spend

One question I am always asked is if you have to spend a lot of money on make up.
The simple answer is No, but…. there are a few products that I think are worth investing in. With so many brands out there it can get confusing but cheaper products can sometimes be just as good.

What I think you can save on:


Some of the high street blushers are so beautiful. I have some favorites and always go back to my Bourjois and Catrice blushes.


Bourjois blusher
Catrice blusher

Pencil liners for both lip and eyes

Pencils will vary greatly and you will find some are hard to blend and others glide on easily. I still think if you do your research you can purchase most liners from the high street. Personal favourites are Maybelline, Rimmell and Essence. Cheap and cheerful and do what you want. 


Rimmel exaggerate lip liners


This is a hard one. I am a MAC lover when it comes to their lipstick, but I still always go back to Bourjois, Rimmell and Maybelline . I am so in love with the Maybelline Velvet Edition that I rarely use anything else and if you follow my blog you will see me always comment about this. Primark have also blown my mind lately. It is so worth trying high street brands. Some prep and setting will make all the difference. After applying your lipstick ser it with a powder for longevity.


Bourjois Velvet Edition

Eye shadows

Again you cannot beat MAC for beautiful colour selection and long wearing shadows. There are heaps of cheaper options out there. My personal favourite palette is from Crown. I have various palettes from here and adore them. Prep eyes with a primer and your eyeshadow will pop. I also like Essence eyeshadow


Crown palettes

I know girls that spend a fortune on Mascaras! I’m a high street girl all the way and any make up class I have ever been to, the trainers will say the same thing. With so many amazing brands you do not need to go crazy on this one. Rimmel, Maybelline and L’Oreal do the best I have come across. 

Maybelline Mascaras

Where not to skimp:

Gel liner

Gels can be tricky and you do need a good consistency. A personal favourite is fluid line from MAC. It lasts forever and glides on like a dream. Inglot gel liner is another cult favourite.


Inglot Gel liner


You can get good dupes but I always like to invest in my highlighters. MAC Soft and gentle is my go to and High Beam from Benefit. There are so many new ones on the market presently but I keep going back to these two. Next on my list is Anastasia Beverly Hills 


Soft and Gentle

High Beam

Brow Pomades

I have tried a few and some can be very drying and flake. My absolute favourite in Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. The consistency is everything and it last forever. 


Dipbrow Pomade


I have serious dark circles and have tried a LOT of concealers, cheap and expensive. Sometimes you have to invest in something that you are using everyday. Concealer is tricky as you need to get a consistency that is good for your skin type. I do wear high street alternatives some days but if I have big bags to cover up it has to be MAC Pro long wear or Artdecco



I sit on the fence here! Some of the more expensive foundations are better for many reasons better coverage, long-lasting formula, better ingredients. My favourite would be Mac Studio fix . However, this year I found a few gems, mainly Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I love how this looks on my skin and is my current favourite for everyday.

Maybelline Fit Me

Finishing powder

For make up to last you need some setting powder to seal in your look. I find investing in this is a good call as the particles can be more finely milled and sit better on the skin. Surprise surprise but my favourites are from Mac. You can get translucent or pressed. 


prep and prime translucent powder

I think it is worth investing. However there are some great brands now that won’t break the bank. Bar a handful all my brushes are from Crown Brush and I adore them. They are very reasonably priced and will forever be my go too for brushes. 


Crown brush set
What do you think? 
Is there a product out there that you have to invest in or have you a few cheap alternatives.

Jessie X


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