Lasting power 

Hey everyone,
Happy Monday. I hope you all managed to get through it. Lots of coffee was needed today!
We were away at the weekend at a fantastic wedding. So much fun. 

With weddings always comes dressing up and makeup, so here is a post about ensuring your makeup lasts for the day and into the night of dancing.

Primer- everyone needs a primer to ensure make up sits well. It will help even everything out but will also ensure you makeup doesn’t slide. Get one to suit your skin type. There are certain ones for oily or dry skin and lots on the market to choose from. Less is more and only a smidge needs to be used.
My personal favourite is Mac cosmetics prep and prime

Long wearing foundation – heavier foundations will last longer on such a day. This will all depend on what you personally like. Studio fix from Mac is my go too again but there are many other heavier coverage foundations on the market.

Setting powder– you must must must set your make up. This, to me, is the most important step. Once make up is set it tends to last the full day. There are so so many different versions out there. For real lasting power I go for studio fix powder by Mac or their  prep and prime loose powder. Laura Mercier translucent powder is beautiful too. Dryer skins or more mature skins may prefer one of these versions and lightly dust it on so it doesn’t settle in fine lines.


Setting Spray– once you have a powder on you don’t really need a spray too but for a long day or night I use Urban decays All nighter setting spray. This is ridiculously good and 100% worth it’s money.

Prior to the day you will be wearing long lasting make up make sure you 

– exfoliate the skin 

– feed the skin with antioxidants such as Vitamin C

– hydrate with hyalouronic serum

– drink a LOT of water so you are hydrating from the inside out. 

Hope that helps

Jessie X 


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