Winter bridal looks

Bridal make up to me, means looking like yourself. We want to use the makeup to enhance our best features. I always say they are no rules with make up. However, I do think for your wedding day it is vital to do a trial and see what looks make you feel like a better version of yourself. It’s not the day to try a look you would not ordinarily wear.

I always ask people what feature do they focus on when applying their own make up. For some it will be eyes, others lips and for more blush, highlight and contour are their thing. 

Personally I like to focus on the skin. I want it to look like there is a glow coming from within. This translates amazingly in wedding pictures. This will also mean using a nice blush, highlight and some bronzer.
Seasons make a small difference. During winter you can choose some darker shades. Plums and berrys looks amazing in eyeshadows, lips and even blushes. Other will may like a red lip for a more dramatic look. During spring/ summer rosy pinks and apricots look great. 
Soft Browns and gold eyes is a classical look for all year around.

Your make up artist will also decide on colours depending on your skin tone and colouring. 

Here are some of my favourite winter bridal looks 


image from pinterest
Which is your favourite?

Jessie X 


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