Glitter favourites for the party season 

It is getting very Christmassy and I’m so happy to be at home this year for the build up. It’s my favourite part.

The shops are full of glittery tops and sparkle for the party season. So why not get adventurous and add some sparkle to your make up? 
Today I am picking some of my favourite glitters from that you can easily add to your eye makeup to really make a dramatic difference 

Violet voss:

I have talked about these glitters before and I have a few shades in my kit ( champagne bubbly and Galaxy 3d).

I want to add some colour for Christmas and have picked my three favourite colours that I think will be easy for everyone to wear.




This is beautiful rich shade and copper eyes are huge this year. Apply a dab in the centre of the lid after applying some brown, gold and copper eye shadow.

 Pixie pink: 
This is a real fun colour and will be dramatic on the eye. Just be careful that you don’t make the eye look tired as pinks and red shades can do that from time to time. I would apply this on the centre of the lid again with soft purples. For a real contrast you could put with copper shades.



This colour is similar to above but if you are not brave enough to go with a pink it is a perfect choice. It has a little hue of copper and orange in there too making it a safe but effective colour choice.

To seal the glitter and ensure it stays on the lid with no fall out use some duo glue or apply the violet voss secret weapon glitter adhesive. This will also make the colour stronger . 

All these glitters are €11.40 from

Hope you like 

Jessie X 


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