asap skin care body products

The past few weeks I have been sharing the products from asap, the brand I am stocking in my salon JOS.
I have covered most of the facial products and today it is time to highlight the body products.

There is an exfoliation, moisturiser and spot treatment gel that will suit everyone.
The moisturiser and scrub have glycolic in them so are ideal for getting your skin ready for before a tan. Perfect for the party season.


asap revitalising body scrub:
Exfoliation is an essential body care routine. This can be massaged onto wet skin and rinsed off. It has biodegradable beads to polish the skin.

Some ingredients:
14% glycolic acid to exfoliate and stimulate collagen
Vitamin E to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
Green tea, a powerful antioxidant
Essential oils to stimulate the skin

Suitable for everyone. Retailing for โ‚ฌ32

asap revitalising body moist:
An everyday moisturiser with a citrus scent to hydrate and revitalise the skin.

Some ingredients:
12% glycolic acid
Green tea, antioxidant
Vitamin E
Essential oil blend

Suitable for all skin types. Retailing for โ‚ฌ32

asap clear skin body gel:
This is a powerful gel that can be used on the body to help areas that are prone to breakouts, acne, or ingrown hairs. It is an oil free formula with low skin irritation.
It can also be used on areas prone to hard skin such as elbows, knees and feet.

Some ingredients:
16% AHA comples
2% Salicylic acid
White tea

Retailing for โ‚ฌ40

So there you have it! The perfect trio to get your body in tip top condition.

Jessie X


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