Christmas skin survival guide

It’s Christmas! This means alcohol, food, sweets, sugar, makeup and bad habits!Β It’s the best time of year but we often feel sluggish in January after lots of food and drinkies. This plays havoc with our skin so here are a few tips to try to keep your skin fresh and glowing from Christmas Eve to the New Year.

1. Drink water:
Oh Lord how I fail at this one but it makes the most incredible difference to your skin. If you know you are going out that night hydrate all day. If you love coffee like me, ensure you drink a glass of water for every coffee. Not only will you feel better but your skin will look brighter.

2. Take off your make up:
So obvious again but please take it off. Use your cleanse off mitt, micellear water, wipes if you have to (that was really difficult to type! But it’s better then nothing!). The following morning cleanse with a Glycolic cleanser to ensure everything is removed.


asap alternative to cleanse off mitt. It is like silk on your skin


Dermaceutic cleanser πŸ‘

3. Serum up:

Skin is parched this time of year and with sugar attacking from the inside and booze dehydrating it, you need to load up on the serums. A hyaluoronic acid or multi B serum will be your bestie at this time of year and also a Vitamin C to add a glow. It will also help protect as it is an antioxidant.




This will make your skin SO happy

4. Scrub, scrub scrub:

The skin will be sluggish so will need a little refresh. Use an active scrub to reveal healthy skin. It will also help your make up look better πŸ‘ don’t forget the bod. Party season means tan so exfoliate with a AHA scrub for fresh skin on the arms, back, chest and legs.


Actives to deeply exfoliate the skin


A great scrub too πŸ‘

5. Nail time:

Nothing cheers me up like a pretty nail. Why not get into the festive mood with a Christmassy colour. Try a two week manicure for ease or apply a colour yourself at home. Here’s a little tip; if you are going for gelish/ shellac and know you will want to change the colour over xmas, pick a neutral shade. You can place your own varnish on top and remove with regular remover and your other manicure should be ok underneath πŸ‘ hydrate the cuticles with an oil or moisturiser too. Skin gets dry here too.

6. Mind those peepers:
Eyes take an awful battering! Lashing of mascara go on, lashes, extensions and stronger eyeshadow. Be kind taking off make up on this area and try to take use an eye mask to keep it hydrated .

Keep these tips in mind over the next few weeks 😘

(asap skincare products and Dermaceutics are both available from JOS skin&beauty. Email me if you have any queries)

Jessie X


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