Vegas baby

Vegas make up look:
Before you get excited I am not going to Vegas! Boooo. It’s my number 1 destination to visit so when I got asked if I would like to do a post on how to transition a Vegas day look to a night look, I jumped at the chance.
When I think of Vegas I imagine bright lights, crowds, sparkle, fun times and the Bellagio hotel.
So have any of you been and did you have a signature look?

Would love to hear and if anyone is thinking of a future trip and here is a handy link for Las Vegas hotel and package deals

During the day I would be chilling by the pool. This would normally mean sunscreen and no make up but it’s Vegas baby, so some make up would be applied. Here is my lounging by the pool day time look and the products I would use.

vegas day look

Products used for day time
Night time Vegas

Processed with MOLDIV
Vegas night time look
Processed with MOLDIV

Night time means more glam! Eyes, lips and cheeks will be more dramatic for the occasion. After a day of pool and sun, I would quickly freshen up and get ready for a nice dinner and possibly a show. No trip to Vegas would be complete without viewing the Bellagio fountain and a little visit to the casino to finish the perfect day.

Vegas or no Vegas, these are my key tips to ensuring your make up lasts the pace.

– use a primer

– press foundation in with a sponge/ beauty blender

– finish with a translucent or pressed powder

– always apply a finishing spray to seal in your make up

Just remember to pack me in your suitcase 😜

Jessie X


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