Cleanser debate:

In the past I have stated that I didn’t think it was necessary to spend a large sum of money on cleansers. My theory always was it is only on your skin for a minute or two so keep your cash for serums etc.

Having done some more courses and listening to some fantastic speakers on the topic of skincare I have to say my view point has changed.

Some of the cheaper cleansers are packed with Nasty fillers and not beneficial to the skin. Active cleansers will get your skin ready for everything else.

In saying that, I am still a big fan of micellar waters and Garnier is one of my favourites. Recently due to lack of exercise, some stress and scoffing a shit load of chocolate, I’ve noticed reoccurring spots in the same areas that are getting annoying.

I wanted to start a course of peels again and as I am stocking Deramceutic peels I prepped my skin with the Glycolic Cleanser called Foamer 5. I used this for 2 weeks before my first peel a few weeks ago and I really could not believe the difference.

I am always talking about actives and how important they are but sometimes in my cleansers I find it too drying on my skin. I used the foamer 5 for two weeks in the AM and PM. I had no stripping or dehydration, the opposite in fact. The glycolic was constantly giving a proper clean and this meant my serums were working much better and my spots started to clear.

It just proves that sometimes cheaper is not always better. Like I said, I still have my micellar water in my press and I use it from time to time but I have now started the habit of using an active cleanser. 

Keep this in mind to keep your skin in top top shape for the party season.

Is there a favourite cleanser that you have? 

Jessie X 


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