Photography wedding tip

I decided to detox my phone and computer a few days ago and in doing so came across some forgotten pictures.It’s no secret that I love photographs and love to take them too. I had a right giggle backing up photos over the past two years.

What I did find hidden away was a disk with photos my brother in law took on our wedding day. I had looked at these quickly last year but forgot about them once the disk was placed away. This brings me to the point of this blog and a tip for future brides or people that have an event coming up: the importance of photos.

If you like photos to capture an occasion and know you won’t be able to take them yourself, find a person to do it. This person has to be someone that enjoys it. There’s no point giving your camera/ phone to a friend that never takes pics. You either do or don’t, so entrust someone that does, and it won’t be a chore to them.

On a wedding day you will have a photographer. I loved my photographer. I don’t think we could have wished for a better person to capture our day. He was perfect. Here are his details also
However, there is a long night there and this is when you get some funny shots. I’m talking about dancing to the macarana, the relaxed family photos, photo bombing others and the real pictures of the sweaty faces when everyone is giving it socks on the dance floor.

In my case I had Denis. Everyone needs a Denis that captures these moments from early till late. There is nothing nicer then receiving pictures from the day from a guest. Since my own wedding, I have always made a point to send any photos from the day to the bride. I also had lots of friends forward them on to me and it’s lovely to have them. These pictures also  are a great memory to have from the day until you get your professional ones back.

Here are a few examples. (These are pictures I took on my phone from the computer screen so they look like they are from the 80s! )

I am so parched I don’t care I am drinking from a pint in my wedding dress photo!😂


there is always time for a sneaky wink photo


we all love a selfie photo


why am I doing rock the boat in my wedding dress photo


say cheeeese photo


the caught rotten photo😂

Photographs always spark off a memory from the day and that’s why I love them so much. So to any future brides out there, go find a superstar photographer for the day and then your photo friend for late into the night time .

Jessie X


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