The Importance of a skin consultation 

I love nothing more then helping people create a realistic skin plan that targets concerns and is also easy to maintain.
One thing I have noticed recently is the rise of people using products that they have seen bloggers and social influencers using. When I ask the question: what are you using and why? The reply is often a brand that their favourite blogger is using.
I have one tiny problem with this. Everyone’s skin is different. Just because a person is using one product does not mean it will work for you. Don’t get me wrong, I have done it myself with make up. There is ZERO judgement here as it is so so easy to jump on the bandwagon. However, one wrong ingredient could be causing a problem for your skin. You might have sensitive skin and they may have oily! Big difference so be mindful.
For this reason it’s always great to get a consultation. Chat about what is bothering you, be it fine lines, pigmentation, dryness or breakouts. A plan can be made and it needs to be realistic for you. I would never have time to use 5 products in the morning so I would never expect people to do that either. 

If your skin needs a little TLC have a chat with an expert in this area that you trust. If it so happens you are recommended a product that a blogger you like has, excellent. If not, no biggie, but at least you are using the right stuff for you.

Jessie X 


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