Note cosmetics with Just Jordan and CH Chemist

Last Saturday I went to CH chemist to see the wonderful Just Jordan demo some of the note cosmetic products. Lisa was delightful and exactly how I thought she would be. She recreated a soft smokey eye and went through her favourite products from the range. 

Just Jordan ❤️

Price wise it is fantastic but I was a little dubious about the quality. 

I’m a sucker for products and when Lisa recommend her favourites I did purchase a few. You also got a goody bag if you purchased two or more products! Win win! I was in the need of a new foundation and some blusher so gladly picked these up along with a lip liner and a matte lipstick.

my purchases

So far the quality seems great but I will review in the coming weeks once I have tried for a bit longer.

happy out 👍

For anyone that is going to the event this week enjoy it, and let me know what you think of the products. 

Jessie X 


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